Monday, August 19, 2013

Flying Zombies

So, I may be taking things to seriously.  I've written and rewritten several draft blog posts with topics ranging from word origins to the history of my hometown.  I originally intended this to be a little less formal, and need to switch directions. To remind me of this, I've posted a picture of plush Walnut and Zombie from the game Plants vs. Zombies (PvZ).

Speaking of walnut, PvZ 2 for the iPhone came out a few days ago, and I finally have a reason to stop playing Candy Crush.  I'm not a big gamer, but can waste hours killing zombies with adorable plants.  Future me is enjoying PvZ Garden Warfare.

Out of all horror scenarios, I imagine zombies to be the most likely to happen.  Obsessing over a cute game distracts me from more plausible zombie-like epidemic scenarios, until I read something like this: Pigeon Zombies!

Now, I'm going to go play PvZ 2 to forget about the impending pigeon zombie apocalypse.